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Is this the future of airline seating?

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A prototype of a futuristic airline seat has been introduced this week. Not only it provides yet unthinkable amount of comfort, it is also very light. Let's see that in a little more detail.

This seat should stimulate a debate with the airlines to find out how far would they actually go in incorporating new seating designs.

This seat is „Not for Wimps“

Yes, you read the title right. That's actually the name of the seat. It was created by Countour Aerospace in cooperation with Factorydesign and is known by the abbreviation „NFW“. It was first introduced at the Aicraft Interior Expo this week.

The „Not for Wimps“ seat concept The „Not for Wimps“ seat concept Source: aircraftinteri­orsexpo.com

As you can see, it features a holder extending from the back of the seat. A state-of-the-art monitor is placed right in front of you. The whole seat is meant to operate as a gaming station with the possibility to connect your own device. That's why it is meant to appeal to young technophiles. Only lightweight materials were used for construction making the seat substantially lighter than the current counterparts.

The seat can't be currently ordered. It is meant to drag attention and stimulate a debate with the airlines. In a few years, we might see a more adventurous airline to divide off a few rows in the business class. Would it be Air New Zealand, which just recently launched the cuddle class ?


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